Home Preservation Program

Each year, Habitat LA partners with low-income homeowners to provide critical health and safety repairs to the interior and exterior of their homes. To determine if they qualify, homeowners must submit a complete program application along with documentation to establish their eligibility. Participant selection is based on funding, the need of the homeowner, and the condition of the home. Funding is limited and not all eligible applicants will be selected.


Grants Available

In partnership with the cities listed below, Habitat LA can provide low-income homeowners with up to $15,000 (depending on the city) in FREE home repairs to address health, safety, and security issues in and around the home.

Click below to view more information on program criteria, requirements and type of repairs offered. Applications are currently being accepted. Download our application below to start yours today!

Watts Rising
Energy Efficiency Program

In partnership with Restore Neighborhoods LA, Habitat LA can provide low-income City of Watts homeowners and renters with up to $6,486 in FREE energy efficiency repairs to address health, safety, and security issues in and around the home.

Please click HERE to apply and view more information on the  program criteria and requirements. Applications are currently being accepted.

Watts Rising Application

Eligibility Criteria

Homeowners must meet the following basic program criteria to be eligible for the Habitat LA Home Repair Program: Click HERE for full Eligibility Criteria and examples of repair services provided.

  1. Must own a home within the Habitat LA service area
  2. Property must be owner-occupied and serve as the primary residence of all owners on the title.
  3. The property must be a single-family residence, manufactured home, condominium, town home or duplex.
    • Multi-family dwellings larger than two units (apartment buildings, triplex, etc.), homes used as rental units, boats, and recreational vehicles (RVs) are NOT eligible
  4. Owners of multiple real estate properties are not eligible.
  5. Homeowners must demonstrate that the following items are current:
    • Mortgage Loan Payment
    • Homeowner's Insurance
    • Property Taxes
  6. Household income must be below current maximum income limits (see income eligibility chart).
  7. Homeowners must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Legal Residents

2020 Income Eligibility Limits

Number of People
in Household
Income Limit
1 $63,100
2 $72,000
3 $81,100
4 $90,100
5  $97,350
6 $104,550
7 $111,750
8 $118,950

For more information about our Home Preservation Program, please contact us at
(310) 323-4663 ext. 314.

Home Preservation Program selection and repairs provided are subject to the availability of funding. Not all eligible applicants will be selected. Program policies are subject to change.