How Critical Home Repairs Helped Rita T. Flourish

At Habitat LA, we want homeowners to know that home repairs are well within reach. Rita T., a resident of Palmdale, CA needed critical repairs on a limited income. Her roof and flooring needed attention, and accessible windows were a must. Several years ago, Rita had her arm amputated. Since then, it has been difficult for her to open and shut her windows without straining herself. She didn’t have the funds to complete these critical repairs – that’s where Habitat LA stepped in.

When we heard her story, we knew that CalHome was the perfect program to help her. After qualifying, Rita was able to get a CalHome loan which helps low-and very low-income households become or remain homeowners through first-time homebuyer and housing rehabilitation assistance, homebuyer counseling and technical assistance.

“For the longest time my roof leaked, and my windows were really cracked. Habitat LA fixed them and my flooring. I thank God that they helped me – I still can’t believe it,” says Rita T, “Especially with the heavy rain, I’m grateful the roof is not leaking. I always used to worry about water damage. Now, my windows are double pane, and I can really feel the difference – it stays much warmer. I’m thankful for Habitat LA, without them this wouldn’t have happened. They are certainly a blessing to me.”

After the amputation of her arm, Rita discovered a passion for sculpture and pottery. She’s been creating figures big and small since 2008. Her amazing work can be seen throughout her home and garden. We’re proud that Rita’s home is now a safe space for her creativity to flourish. She can now have peace of mind knowing that her accessible home will be a safe place for her for years to come.

“Rita has an amazing can-do spirit! It was truly a delight to work with her. She tries not to let her disability get in her way or bring her down. She’s an inspiration!” – Jessica Lawson, Program Manager at Habitat LA.

Our CalHome program allows low-income homeowners throughout Los Angeles County to make critical repairs on their homes through 0% interest, deferred payment loans. If you or someone you care for has a list of home repairs that are piling up, our CalHome program could be the perfect solution for you! We hope Rita’s story moves you to apply for repairs today. See our Home Preservation Program for more details on how to qualify for CalHome loans.