Habitat Partner Homeowner Laura Marquez Shares her Experience Volunteering at the 5th Annual General Hospital Fan Build!

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone, celebrities and fans alike, who came out and participated in the 5th Anniversary of our General Hospital Fan Build Day. We have been receiving such wonderful feedback that we decided to share! This was a letter we received from #GHFanBuild5 volunteer and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles(HFH GLA) partner homeowner, Laura Marquez.
The 5th Anniversary of the General Hospital Fan Build Day was great! It was exciting and heartwarming to see how fans of General Hospital (GH) from all across the country come out to help HFH GLA, while getting to socialize with their favorite GH stars. The cast members were modest and super enthusiastic about getting right to work on the homes that would ultimately go to a deserving family. I personally got to work alongside three GH fans that were being serenaded by one of stars while he painted the siding on a home. He gave one of them the “how-to” on painting, I’m sure that his lighthearted spirit helped buffer the effects of the arduous work being done.
The whole event was enjoyable and full of jovial fun!
-Laura Marquez
Laura Marquez is a HFH GLA partner homeowner in Lynwood, CA. She is a single mother of two children who works as an administrative assistant at an elementary school. Thank you, Laura, for participating in the build and for sharing your story with us. You and your family are an inspiration and we are so happy for everything you have accomplished.
Laura Marquez (right) and Erin Rank (left)

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