Home Repair Program

How to Apply

Habitat LA partners with low income homeowners each year as funding becomes available.  Homeowners must submit a completed program application along with copies of documentation to establish their eligibility.  Participant selection is based on funding, the need of the homeowner and the condition of the home.  Funding is limited and not all eligible applicants will be selected.

Habitat LA currently has funding available for veteran households. This includes households with a veteran homeowner or a caregiver to a veteran household member. Click HERE for more information on Veteran Home Repairs. Applications are now being accepted!  Contact us at (424) 246-3640 for information on how to begin your application today!


Eligibility Criteria

Homeowners must meet the following basic program criteria to be eligible for the Habitat LA Home Repair Program. Click HERE for full Eligibility Criteria and examples of repair services provided.

  1. Must own a home within the Habitat LA service area
  2. Property must be owner-occupied and serve as the primary residence of all owners on title. 
  3. Home must be single-family residences, townhomes, condominiums or manufactured home
    • Multi-Family Residences (Duplexes, Apartment Buildings, etc.) are NOT eligible
  4. Owners of multiple real estate properties are not eligible
  5. Homeowners must demonstrate that the following items are current:
    • Mortgage Loan Payment
    • Homeowner’s Insurance
    • Property Taxes
  6. Household income must be below current maximum income limits (see chart below)
  7. Homeowners must agree to an affordable one-time payment or a forgiven loan (see details in Affordable Repayment section below)
  8. Homeowners and/or household members must be willing to contribute 24 Sweat Equity hours, if physically able
  9. Homeowners must be U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident

2015 Income Eligibility Limits

Number of People in Household 1 2 3 4 5 6
Maximum Income Limit $48,650 $55,600 $62,550 $69,450  $75,050 $80,600

Affordable Repayment

Homeowners agree to pay for repair services provided by the Home Repair Program through one of the following affordable repayment plans:

  1. Homeowners make a one-time payment equal to 3% of the total project costs of the repairs provided.  Homeowners pay no more than $450 for critical repairs
  2. Homeowners agree to a zero percent interest, zero down payment, zero monthly payment loan for the total project costs of the repairs provided. The loan is secured to the property and is completely forgiven if the homeowner remains in the home for seven years after the repairs are completed.

All repayment funds are recycled and used to assist future low-income homeowners in need of repairs.

A Partnership

The Home Repair Program  establishes a partnership that relies on the homeowner’s involvement and participation. If selected for home repairs, homeowners must be willing to partner with Habitat LA in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Signing a Homeowner Neighborhood Covenant – homeowners pledge to partner with Habitat LA and perform the expected commitments of the program
  2. Completing 24 sweat equity hours – the homeowner, a household member or friend of the homeowner must be on site and willing to work in various capacities throughout the duration of the home repairs, as well as perform approved non-construction activities
For more information about our Home Repair Program, please contact the Homeowner Relations Department at (424) 246-3640.
Home Repair Program selection and repairs provided are subject to the availability of funding. Not all eligible applicants will be selected. Program policies are subject to change.