Neighborhood Revitalization

Building a Greater Los Angeles

Despite the significant impact of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles’ (Habitat LA) work over the years, the Los Angeles area continues to suffer from severe housing shortages caused by high housing costs, jobs leaving the area, decreased wages, and a shortage of homes to buy or rent. Families continue to live in unhealthy and unsafe rental units, cram into overcrowded apartments, or move away. In fact, middle-class Angelenos can afford fewer than one in four homes in the county. Los Angeles is one of the least affordable housing areas in the U.S. and continues to face a shortage of a half million affordable units for low-income residents.

Habitat LA’s work is critical and we have announced our Building a Greater Los Angeles campaign, which will increase our impact on our service area. Over the next five years, Habitat LA will invest $100 million into communities throughout Los Angeles and globally to complete 1,000 affordable homes families, children, veterans and people with disabilities. Habitat LA will revitalize neighborhoods and communities, create better educational outcomes for children, help break the cycle of poverty and engage tens of thousands of volunteers to make it all happen.

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

Habitat LA’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) was created to address two interconnected problems in greater Los Angeles; the persistent lack of affordable housing and the disinvestment in our neighborhood infrastructure that has eroded the stability of communities throughout our service area.

In 2009, Habitat LA selected the city of Lynwood, CA for its first NRI target area. Over five years, we invested $24.3 million to revitalize targeted census tracts with high blight, overcrowding, crime and unemployment. This investment translated into $163 million in economic impact for Lynwood.

Our next target initiative areas will be Long Beach’s Washington Neighborhood and South Los Angeles.