World Habitat Day: How You Can Support Affordable Housing

World Habitat Day is a designated day each year that recognizes the basic right of all humanity to adequate shelter and encourages grass roots action toward enduring poverty housing. We are posting a series of blogs written from different perspectives that illustrate the importance of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Blog post by: Dan Burgner, CEO, Burgner Experiential and Habitat LA Board Chairman

Dan BurgnerMonday, October 5th is World Habitat Day.  This is a day designated each year to recognize the basic right of all humanity to adequate shelter and to encourage action towards ending poverty housing.   As the Chairman of the Board for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) this year, I am committed to working towards strengthening communities and helping those in need of adequate shelter have a place to call home.

I recently traveled to the Dominican Republic with a few of my fellow Habitat LA Board members and was touched to see the great need for affordable housing that exists not only in our local backyard but all over the world.  The hard work of digging foundations, building septic systems and making concrete panels that will become the walls for a home was rewarding to all of us, as we knew that it would make a life changing difference for the families that will live in those homes.  It was a blessing to put God’s love in action to build homes, communities, and hope.

One thing I have learned from my experiences is that every donation to Habitat LA makes a significant difference in the lives of families in need.  We were recently able to welcome seven partner homebuyers into their new homes in the city of Lynwood.  I know it will be a life-altering change for them.  Their children will now have space to study, play outside and have a healthy environment in which to grow and prosper.

I ask each of you to join me in support of World Habitat Day by making a contribution to Habitat LA.  Whether it’s $10 to buy a bucket of nails, $100 to help purchase lumber, or $1,000 for drywall, your generosity will not only help build more homes across greater Los Angeles, but 10% of every dollar given will also be sent abroad to places like the Dominican Republic to help build Habitat homes.

Thank you for your consideration.  Your support truly does make such a difference!