The Blue Crew

Volunteers from Blue Shield of California recently joined Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) for a volunteer day where they met future partner family homeowners Jameel and Lauri who were working side by side with their team.

Jameel and Lauri will own a home in the 10-home Culver City Habitat LA build project. Their two children were extremely excited to see the early framing of the building. Both Jameel and Lauri work for the city of Culver City – Jameel as a City worker and Lauri as a physical education teacher and this new location will make their commute much shorter.

Together the blue-crew:

  • Moved two stacks of roof frames and cleared the way for later roof hoisting.
  • Hammered a wall frame together.
  • Levelled and re-straightened several wall frames on the second floor so it could bear the weight of the roof.
  • Nail gunned many a block of wood.
  • Hammered many nails.
  • Removed a fewer number of crooked nails.
  • Lifted several wall frames to the second floor.
  • Power-sawed 2x4s for the second floor’s floor.
  • Laid down the floor frame for the second floor.
  • Watched team member Pat remove dust particles from his hard contact lenses about 50 times.
  • Ate 9 delicious Tito’s Taco Burritos (collectively).

Overall, they were very happy to have made a direct and material impact on the lives of their neighbors!