May 9th National Women Build

Chico's volunteer working with a power saw.

Chico’s volunteer working with a power saw.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) is proud to be a part of Habitat for Humanity’s National Women Build Program which recruits, educates and inspires thousands of women across the country to build and advocate for safe and affordable shelter in their communities during the month of May.

On Thursday May 9, we will host our local Women Build event for May, helping to build ten new homes, on Globe Avenue in Culver City. The site includes six single-family homes and two duplexes.

Volunteers at Power Women, Power Tools 2018 showing off their newly decorated hard hats on the construction site.

Chico’s women at Power Women, Power Tools 2018

The opportunity to bring together so many women from various backgrounds and experiences to serve our community is due in large part to Chico’s FAS Inc. and its family of brands, Chico’s®, White House Black Market® and Soma®. As part of their ongoing commitment to empowering women to build strength, stability and independence through housing, Chico’s FAS renewed their national partnership with Habitat for Humanity International for a second year. The partnership, which Chico’s FAS supported with nearly $1.3 million in 2018, will continue to support Habitat for Humanity’s Home is the Key campaign and the National Women Build program.

To learn more about how Chico’s FAS is supporting Habitat and raising money for and bringing awareness to affordable homeownership for women and families, visit