Local Veteran Receives New Roof as part of Habitat for Heroes Program

Two people standing in front of a new roof going on a house.

Kim Berling, daughter of U.S. Army Vet (right), with a Certified Roofing Specialist representative (left) watching the new roof being built.

On July 6, Mary Berling, wife of late U.S. Army veteran, William Berling, received a new roof from Certified Roofing Specialists, an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, as part of the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project. Through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles’ (Habitat LA) Habitat for Heroes program, Mrs. Berling was selected and approved as the recipient for the roof replacement.

The Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project is a nationwide effort to show gratitude and honor the veterans who served our country and the families who support them. The program works with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates to identify, honor and help deserving military veterans by installing new roofs. Since the inception of this program in 2016, more than 190 military members have received new roofs.

“Habitat LA recognizes that our veteran population is growing, with many throughout Los Angeles struggling to have access to basic needs, including safe and affordable housing,” said Erin Rank, President and CEO, Habitat LA. “Through the generous support of Owens Corning and Certified Roofing Specialists, our Habitat for Heroes program has helped alleviate health and safety issues for another deserving family.”

The new roof being build.

Installation of roof replacement for the Berling family.

The Habitat for Heroes Home Repair for Veterans program provides interior and exterior improvements to low-income veteran households. Veteran households include households with a veteran homeowner or caregiver to a veteran household member. Since 2011, more than 100 veteran families have benefited from Habitat LA housing services. For the Berling family home in Whitter, the Owens Corning Foundation donated the roofing materials and Certified Roofing Specialists donated the labor.

“We are so appreciative and full of gratitude,” expressed Kim Berling, daughter of William and Mary. “This is a beautiful day for my mom and I.”

California is home to over 1.8 million former service members, making it the largest veteran population of any state in the United States, and Los Angeles County is the most populous. Habitat LA is committed to not only addressing the need for affordable housing, but also working with community partners to understand the veterans’ landscape of greater Los Angeles.

To see Owens Corning, Certified Roofing Specialists and Habitat LA’s commitment in action, check out our NBC 4 News media mention.

For more information on Habitat for Heroes or to learn how to get involved, please visit https://www.habitatla.org/get-involved/habitat-for-heroes/.