Local spotlight: The Oriana Shea Group

Meet one of Habitat LA’s most passionate supporters

We’re always grateful for the generosity shown to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles during the Long Beach Gives campaign and this year was no exception— we raised $11,380! We’re especially thankful to Oriana Shea, owner of The Oriana Shea Group, for matching each donation to Habitat LA during the September online giving event.
Recently, Oriana had a chance to visit the Washington neighborhood for a tour of our Millennium Homes development. It was a great opportunity to show her the impact she’s made in our local work through her generous support.

After the tour, we chatted about her experience and why she supports Habitat LA.

What motivates you to donate to Habitat LA?

That’s easy. I got into real estate to impact people’s lives and really make a difference in trying to help people attain homeownership. This was just a natural progression when we decided as a team to find a local organization that impacts the community and the lives of many, many families. That was how we decided to work with Habitat LA.

What do you love most about the community of Long Beach?

Long Beach is a complicated city. There are so many different micro neighborhoods within Long Beach, and I think that’s what I love about it. It’s so diverse and versatile and it’s just a great city. I mean in a matter of blocks you can go and be in a completely different neighborhood. It’s also the best kept secret left in Southern California in terms of affordable home ownership close to the beach.

How did you get started in real estate?

You know, I got my Real Estate license in the 90s to start but then I just didn’t have the support at home and ended up going back into design. I relaunched my real estate career in 2004 and I’ve been at it ever since. I love it!

The vision of Habitat LA is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Do you have any special stories or thoughts you’d like to share about our vision?

The more neighborhoods that you can impact the better for everyone. What I love about what Habitat is doing is that you’re not doing this to gentrify a neighborhood and turn it into the next trendy, happening, unaffordable neighborhood in Long Beach or even in Los Angeles County. You’re doing this to better people’s lives and their way of living and empower them with the ability to experience homeownership. The programs, and how you work with people to get them to that place, is impressive—and I’m really, really honored to be a part of it.

What would you tell other supporters considering a donation to or sponsorship of Habitat LA?

I would strongly suggest that they really look into Habitat and see what they do because it’s more than just rehabbing someone’s home or building property to create more housing for the community. They’re truly impacting many, many lives in the community and helping people to have a better way of life. You know I can’t say more than that! What they do is pretty incredible!


Long Beach Gives is an annual, citywide, online giving event that provides an opportunity for the entire city to give together, and to support the mission-critical services of 200+ nonprofits making an impact in the Long Beach community.