Industry leader Stone Source Makes a Massive Donation to Habitat LA

For one employee, there’s a personal connection

What started out as a generous donation from Stone Source—60 pallets of natural stone pieces and imported Italian porcelain tile—quickly turned into 120 and ultimately, over 300 pallets! Our ReStore team was able to rise to the occasion, efficiently mobilizing to pick up the full donation of high-quality building materials to be sold in our local ReStores.

“When there’s a need to take in hundreds of pallets, it’s not a feat that many affiliates can accomplish,” said Ernie Acosta, Director of Acquisitions and E-Commerce for Habitat LA’s ReStores. “Through our coordination process and our capacity to store many of these materials, we were able to not just accept the large volume, but also take in the donation within a matter of weeks.”

But that wasn’t the end of Habitat LA’s connection with Stone Source and parent company Paramount Global Services (PGS). This month, we welcomed executives, office leaders, and workers from around the country who came to volunteer on our Isabel Villas build site.

One of the many team members who flew in was Gus Mojarro, National Director of Safety and Warehouse Operations for Stone Source. Gus had helped lead the move of excess inventory from Stone Source’s Long Beach warehouse to Habitat LA—where it would be used for a worthy cause.

Stone Source Donation
“To have Stone Source donate to Habitat was important for me because I already know from personal experience, the impact a new home has on a family and a child. For me, it was an enormous change and difficult to grasp. I can only imagine what they’re going to feel when they walk into their new homes… It’s going to feel like they walked into one of their dreams.” – Gus Mojarro

Hear more about Gus’ connection to Habitat for Humanity and see the highlights from two very special build days.

The Habitat LA team is always on the lookout for quality building materials to sell in our local ReStores. If your company is interested in donating, please visit our donation page.