Habitat LA’s “Home for the Holidays” Dedication Welcomes the Mimila Family to Their New Long Beach Home

This past Christmas, Ignacio Mimila and his family were given a gift that they would never forget- the gift of homeownership. The family celebrated the completion of their Long Beach home during Habitat LA’s “Home for the Holidays” dedication ceremony.

ribbon cutting

Mr. Ignacio Mimila is a hardworking man who spends his days compressing cars at a junkyard in order to provide for his family. Ignacio’s eldest son, Anthony, attends college all while helping his father care for his younger siblings. Ignacio’s next eldest child is, Alberth, who has a passion for skateboarding and painting. Ashley, Ignacio’s oldest daughter, is an active member of the youth group at the family’s church. Annahy, the youngest of the group, is an energetic child who enjoys taking physical education and art classes at school.mimila fam w keys

Ever since the passing of his dear wife, Mr. Mimila wanted nothing more than to give his three children a decent home that they could all share and grow in. Habitat LA, the City of Long Beach, The Long Beach Community Investment Company, Thrivent Financial, and Habitat LA’s Lutheran Coalition is proud to help families like the Mimila’s acquired an affordable home to live in.

Habitat LA is delighted to share the moving and inspiring words Mr. Mimila, shared at his home dedication:

“My name is Ignacio Mimila and these are my children Alberth, Annahy, Anthony, and Ashley. For years, I tried buying a house but the banks told me that I needed a large down payment which I, unfortunately, didn’t have. I want to talk to you a little about myself, in case you don’t know me. My family and I have lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the City of Long Beach for over twenty years.   My wife died of cancer and before she passed away, I promised her that I would do everything possible so that our children could have a decent life and home where we could be a family and invite family and friends. It would be a place where our children could do their homework and invite their friends to a place of their own. Currently, the space where we live is very small and there is no space for them to play.

mimila speech picOne day I told a neighbor that I wanted to buy a house and he told me about a homeownership program for low-income families. At first, I didn’t believe it but he invited me to go apply. I did and I was approved and accepted.

I had the opportunity to select this home and I was told that the home was sponsored by Thrivent. They told me everything that Thrivent does for families and that aside from sponsoring, they also help to build the home. I was so happy to find out that they would be helping me build my future home. My son, Alberth came the most to build and he had the opportunity to meet many people from Thrivent. Thanks to Thrivent, Habitat, volunteers and the City of Long Beach, my children and I will live comfortably and I will finally fulfill the promise I made to my wife who is now resting in peace.

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