Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles Official Statement in Response to Racist Remarks by L.A. City Officials

Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angles Official Statement in Response to Racist Remarks by L.A. City Officials

The city of Los Angeles deserves leaders who champion equality and reflect the humanity of its residents. We at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) envision a world where every person has a decent place to live despite historical disenfranchisement that echoes in our current housing crisis. The recent remarks by LA City Officials have exposed the ever-pressing need for leadership that puts equity and inclusion first.

Our mission to build and create access to affordable housing was born from a tradition of radical inclusivity, where people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds come together for a common cause to build community. Everyone deserves stable, quality housing in areas with good schools, good jobs, accessible and affordable transportation, safe streets, and a sense of belonging. These quality-of-life essentials are directly impacted by the people who represent us in office; therefore, our elected officials must uphold fair representation and equality for all.

In alignment with this, Habitat LA stands firmly in our commitment to Los Angeles and our values of radical inclusivity:

● We commit to dismantling discriminatory housing practices.
● We create a culture of inclusion that does not eliminate personal differences but celebrates them, allowing for a shared place of love that encourages progress toward a more just society.
● We empower communities to build equitable and inclusive neighborhoods through housing opportunities and community development.
● We promote mutual respect, collaboration, authenticity, and a foundation of understanding among our staff, volunteers, and donors.


Susan Booth
Chair of the Board

Erin Rank
President & CEO