Giveback Homes is 365 Days Strong!

Today Giveback Homes is celebrating 365 days of building homes for those in need. Giveback Homes is a trusted network of real estate professionals dedicated to helping build homes for hardworking, families in need.

In return they provide their members with a unique set of marketing tools to help them differentiate themselves within the real estate industry, and essentially grow their business. In the past 12 months, the company has raised $100,000 in donations from local Realtors and has helped to build homes in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Nicaragua.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the transformation Giveback Homes has gone through in the past year,” says Giveback Homes founder Blake Andrews. “In just 12 months we’ve been able to help 21 hardworking, families change their lives and move into homes of their own. And, for our members it’s about more than houses because Giveback Homes provides a way for real estate professionals to differentiate themselves from competitors by showcasing their humanitarian nature.”

Andrews was inspired to launch the company after a global village trip to Nicaragua with former employer, TOMS. After seeing the impact a pair of shoes could have on a child, he knew giving them a home could provide so much more.

Giveback Homes operates using a unique business model – members pay a monthly fee to cover operations costs, which ensures 100% of member donations go directly into the field to build homes.

This means that 100% of donations raised by Giveback Homes‘ members has been directly allocated to building homes through Habitat for Humanity. In honor of their birthday, they are raising funds for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) to help continue to build homes for those in need right here in their own backyard.

Giveback Homes’ contribution as a Quarter House Sponsor on Habitat LA’s 500th home in Long Beach, in addition to its commitment to their local communities, will ultimately help change lives and help local hardworking families and individuals in need of decent, affordable and sustainable housing in greater Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out pictures from the Lynwood project and the Long  Beach project on Giveback Homes Facebook page.Giveback Homes