Farewell 2014-2015 AmeriCorps Members!

AmeriCorps pictureEvery year we are fortunate to have a passionate group of individuals, called AmeriCorps, join us for a year of service. If you’re unfamiliar with AmeriCorps, think of it as the domestic version of the Peace Corps. AmeriCorps members serve with Habitat LA in a variety of capacities from volunteer services, to construction, youth programs and veteran outreach.

Last week the 2014-2015 service year came to an end. We celebrated the contributions of our AmeriCorps members at a picnic in Long Beach. The picnic was a sendoff for some members and a celebration that a couple of them have decided to return for another term!

Thank you 2014-2015 AmeriCorps!

Shauna Mason, Faith Relations

Jessika Valenzuela, Volunteer Coordinator

Monica Del Real, Youth Programs Coordinator

Albert Martiz, Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Eddi Zepeda, Construction Crew

Thaddeus Woods, Construction Crew

Sam Blaisdell, Construction Crew