Every Donation to Habitat LA Makes Such a Difference in the Lives of Families in Need

Kim McManus2Guest Blog Post by Kim McManus, International Pastor, Mosaic LA and Habitat LA board member

Today, Monday, October 6th, is World Habitat Day, a day dedicated by the United Nations to recognize the basic need for decent and affordable housing in a world where it is lacking for over one billion people.  To help fight this problem, I am in Vietnam with several others from greater Los Angeles to build Habitat homes for low income families.  Over the last six years, I have traveled to Haiti, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, and throughout greater Los Angeles seeking to put God’s love into action to build homes, communities, and hope.

One thing I have learned from my experiences is that every donation to Habitat LA makes such a difference in the lives of families in need.  The Ramirez family is just one example.  For over 30 years they had rented an unsafe apartment, trying to raise their three sons in overcrowded conditions.   Thanks to the generosity of many, however, they recently moved into their three-bedroom Habitat LA home in Lynwood, CA.  As they told us recently, “We are so excited about this Habitat home. We thank you for helping make homeownership a dream come true.”

Ramirez family

I’d like to ask you to please make a contribution to Habitat LA in support of World Habitat Day.  Whether it’s $10 to buy a bucket of nails, $100 to help purchase lumber, or $1,000 for drywall, your generosity will not only help build more homes across greater Los Angeles, but 10% of every dollar given will also be sent abroad to places like Vietnam to help build Habitat homes for some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your consideration.  Your support truly does make such a difference!