Earth Day Resolution Challenge

Join our ReStores in celebrating Earth Day! April 22nd, 2017 is a day to reflect on how we treat our Earth and what we can do to improve. Our ReStores are challenging YOU to make some “Earth Day Resolutions”.

Earth Day Resolutions can be treated like New Year’s Resolutions – set a goal on April 22nd and try to keep it all year long. Here are a few ideas for Earth Day Resolutions:

  • RECYCLE. Recycle cans, bottles and plastic. Find a blue bin and throw them in! Click here to find a recycling center near you.
  • DITCH THE CAR. Ride your bike or walk to work to reduce car exhaust pollution. The extra energy you may gain will feel good too.
  • GO DARK. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Light candles at night for a change in mood. There are also energy-efficient light options to save money.
  • JOIN A TEAM. Volunteer at a local organization on Earth Day. Clean a beach or help build a home– every person counts!
  • TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS. Save some water and some time. A ten-minute shower takes as much as 230 liters (60 U.S. gal) of water!
  • DONATE. Donate your gently used household items like home décor and furniture to our ReStore! Visit to schedule a pickup. For more info or here for our donation guidelines.

By making a few Earth Day Resolutions, you are doing your part to make the environment healthier. Join our Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 22nd at one of our ReStore locations.

Click HERE for locations and hours.