Disaster Relief: We’ve Done This Before; We’re Going to Do It Again

The devastation caused by the recent hurricanes has left most of us feeling helpless and wondering how we can help.  As tragic as these events have been, we must come together quickly to help begin rebuilding efforts.  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria, have caused catastrophic destruction that will take years to reverse, however we here at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles are ready to be there for the long term. We understand what is needed now and we know first-hand that these communities will rebuild and recover.  Right now, Habitat affiliates around the world are uniting to help those affected. We have helped other regions recover from similar natural disasters, such as Katrina, and we are ready to get to work again.  

Donate, Recover, Rebuild, Repeat!  Harvey-Instagram-3

This simple statement is not only the attitude we all need to have, it is a process we need to trust.  As traumatic as natural disasters are, it is important that we find a light during these hard times.  We here at Habitat LA have reflected on the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina to help remind us of the great disaster relief work we know we can accomplish, because we already have.

“We’ve done this before; we’re going to do it again!” 

Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and left many areas, especially the great city of New Orleans, in ruins.  Since that time, New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity has helped rebuild just about 500 homes and
gutted around 2,400.  With the support from Habitat affiliates across the country, our combined continuous efforts have played a key role in helping get this region back on its feet.  Although our affiliate serves the greater Los Angeles area, we are part of Habitat for Humanity International, meaning that we play a role in supporting efforts to support disaster relief around the world.  We directly helped with donations and support for Hurricane Katrina, including shipping homes in a box to the affected areas where local volunteers could assemble them.

As much as immediate relief is the top priority after events like these, we also help give hope to these communities by ensuring that we are there to support them for the long hall.  We have over 20 years of experience dealing with disaster relief and because of that, we are prepared and ready to help for however long is required to get these areas back on their feet.  

So how can you help? Donations are urgently needed.  Donations made now will help local affiliates on the ground to make an immediate impact.  Before rebuilding can be accomplished, there is much work to be done cleaning up what has left behind.

“Habitat’s going to be here for the long term.  We’ve done this before; we’re going to do it again.  We’re not going to let this hurricane keep us down.” – Amy Ledbetter Parham, executive director of Texas Habitat for Humanity.