Delta Air Lines Launches 2018 Build in the City of LA

Delta volunteers with their hands in the air cheering on a construction site while holding a banner stating it is their 264th home built by Delta volunteers in partnership with Habitat.

Delta Habitat for Humanity Kick Off 2018. Los Angeles, California. October 2018.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) and Delta Air Lines raised the first wall of yet another home in Southern California, the eighth since this unique partnership began in 2010. Habitat LA furnishes the tools, the building materials, and the construction know-how, while Delta flies in more than 500 volunteers from all across the country to build the house over the course of just six weeks.

Since 2010, Delta has donated more than $1.38 million to Habitat LA, while more than 1,000 Delta employees have volunteered 7,000 hours of their time to building affordable homes in Los Angeles. Worldwide, Delta’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity has resulted in 263 homes in 12 countries since 1995.

Tianna-Nichole Jordan giving a speech at a podium.

Delta Habitat for Humanity Kick Off 2018. Tianna-Nichole Jordan, Habitat LA future homeowner. Los Angeles, California. October 2018.

Tianna-Nichole Joseph, a single mother of three, is the partner homeowner for this year’s Delta home. “My children have never lived in a house,” she said. Tianna-Nichole has lived in public housing with her daughter, Heaven, and her sons Carson and Kenneth. They recently saved enough money for the down payment on her Habitat home.

Thanks to a pilot program by the County of Los Angeles, this year’s Delta build includes a new feature: an accessory dwelling unit that the Joseph family will rent to another family in need of affordable housing. Both the main house and the accessory unit are expected to be completed in December.

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