Block Party in the Washington Neighborhood

Habitat LA has been working with residents, stakeholders and local businesses to help revitalize Long Beach’s Washington neighborhood. In addition to being the location of our ten-home Millennium Homes development, it is also the neighborhood in which we will build our largest development to date — a 36 home community on Locust Avenue.

Drone photo of the Washington Neighborhood Block Party

Providing access to affordable housing is a big part of the work that we have been doing in this community, but we are also partnering with the local community in other ways, including hosting our partners from Place It! as they created a Washington Neighborhood Urban Planning Model Pop-up Event to celebrate their community and get creative with their vision for their neighborhood.

Andrea Garcia (left) from Habitat LA explaining the urban planning activity to a local resident

During the block party, residents, Habitat LA staff, and our partners from Place It! participated in an interactive urban planning activity where community members built their dream plaza using various objects provided to design and create a comfortable, inviting, green, and cool space.

John Kamp (left) from Place It! and a local resident adding objects to build the dream plaza prototype

The pop-up was made possible by the generous support of the Southern California Association of Governments’ 2021 Go Human Community Streets Mini-Grants Program, whose goal is to reduce traffic collisions in Southern California and encourage people to walk and bike more.

Residents enjoying the dream plaza prototyped at our Washington Neighborhood Urban Planning Model Pop-up Event

Click here for a highlight reel from this inspiring community project.  To watch the latest videos on our work in the Washington Neighborhood, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.