Becca Afemata, New Partner Homeowner in Bellflower

(from left to right) Nicolai (17), Becca, Grandson Isaia (10 months), Maxine (21), Dylan (9), Michele (Mom)

(From left to right) Nicolai (17), Becca, Grandson Isaia (10 months), Maxine (21), Dylan (9), Michele (Mom)

Becca Afemata’s family was living in crowded, unsafe conditions and she yearned to be able to provide a better life for her children.  Just 6 months ago, Becca recalls sharing her feelings of hopelessness with a coworker, who suggested she contact Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA).  She drove to Habitat that evening after work, convinced she would never qualify. In fact, she never truly believed it until her dreams became a reality.

On Thursday, November 30, 2017, Becca Afemata and her family received the keys to their new Habitat home in Bellflower.  Becca, a single mother of three, and her grandmother spent most of this year building their home as part of the required 500 hours of sweat equity. Becca’s Habitat journey, however, did not start here. Her first encounter with Habitat for Humanity,  goes back nearly 20 years.  Becca worked as an office worker through a welfare to work program for our organization when it was the South Bay/Long Beach affiliate. Today, thanks to the support of donors, sponsors and volunteers, Becca is a proud homeowner!

“I am now getting used to saying the words, ‘our home.’”

“This experience has brought so much joy and change into our lives.  Our entire family was able to participate in this experience. The love that is shown is almost indescribable. I couldn’t find a big enough word to express my thanks but I recently realized it’s not a word I was looking for, it’s an action.  Habitat allows you to continue to pay it forward. That makes you feel good about where you’ve been and where you are going. I am thankful for Habitat LA and their continued kindness, as well as the City of Bellflower, Thrivent Financial, The Home Depot and all the volunteers and church organizations. We thank you!”

Bellflower Ribbon Cutting

“We have all been blessed with the opportunity that Habitat LA has given us and my family looks forward to getting to know our new neighbors, becoming friends and eventually becoming a family.” – Becca Afemata

Now is the time to plan end of year charitable giving. There are many tax benefits to doing so and your gift to Habitat LA will have an impact on the life of a family just like the Afematas. For more information on the benefits of making a gift to Habitat LA, check out 5 Tips for End of Year Giving or click here to make a donation.