Angy Smith Joins Habitat LA As Senior VP of Retail Operations

(above) Jennifer Wise, SVP Resource Development (left), Angy Smith, SVP Retail Operations (center), Erin Rank, President and CEO, (right) during the 2018 Women Build

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) is pleased to welcome Angy Smith to our team as Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, overseeing all aspects of our ReStores. Prior to joining our family, Angy spent her entire career in retail, holding positions from store manager to Vice President of Merchandising for companies like Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Angy Smith and friends taking a group selfie on the construction site.

Angy Smith and friends pause for a build day selfie!

In fact, it was her position at Lowe’s that first introduced her to Habitat LA, where she immediately felt at home. “I was ‘voluntold’ to be a part of the Lowe’s team at the Power Women, Power Tools® event eight years ago,” said Angy. “As soon as I heard the partner family story, I fell in love with Habitat for Humanity and what it stands for and all the people who participate in the process.

She has attended every Power Women, Power Tools® since then and advocated for Lowe’s to become the event’s title sponsor for several years. The minute there was a job at Habitat LA that matched her skills and experience, Angy jumped at the chance to “work for an organization that has a bigger calling in life.”

“I am excited to welcome Angy to our team,” said Erin Rank, President and CEO, at Habitat LA. “I look forward to the added value that she will bring, not only to our ReStores, but to the entire organization.”

Because she was already so familiar with Habitat for Humanity, Angy’s transition has been a smooth one. “Easiest first day ever,” she said. “I knew most of the people from one of the events I had attended or from my involvement in the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. The minute I walked in the door, I felt blessed to be a part of the Habitat LA family.”

In her first few weeks, Angy’s wealth of retail experience has already boosted average daily sales at our three ReStores. She has brought deeply discounted items like bedsheets and $50 Keurig coffeemakers (usually retailing for $179) to the front of the stores to entice customers who came into the store looking for something else but couldn’t turn down a great deal.

“If you merchandise differently, people buy more,” she said. She also looks forward to making the most of the vendor relationships she established during her days at The Home Depot and Lowe’s. “A lot of people love the Habitat name,” she said. “Now I can go to them for donations to the ReStore that generates dollars to support what the affiliate does.”