2019 Los Angeles Builders Ball® Host Committee Spotlight: Dieter Klohn

Dieter Klohn is new to our Los Angeles Builders Ball® Host Committee, however, his support of Habitat for Humanity is not. Dieter works for SME Industries, Inc., a company that gives generously to lift up communities all over. We are thrilled to have Dieter’s passion and leadership as part of the planning and execution of our annual gala and we hope you enjoy getting to know more about Dieter and his motivation to serve others.

Head shot of Dieter Klohn.

2019 Los Angeles Builders Ball® Host Committee member, Dieter Klohn.

What or who inspires you to give back to your community?

Jerry and Craig Moyes (founders and owners of SME Industries, Inc.) both inspire me. They annually give to multiple charities across several communities. I have personally witnessed the lives of many that have been changed due to this incredible generosity.

Why do you support Habitat for Humanity? How long have you been involved?

SME Industries, Inc. has been supporting and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for many years with our most recent involvement being helping to complete several houses in our local community.

What do you wish more people knew about Habitat for Humanity?

I wish people understood that this is an organization which helps to eliminate poverty and homelessness. Everyone deserves a place to live that’s affordably decent. It’s a hand up and not a handout.

What does “home” mean to you?

Home to me means comfort, peace, security, and connection. It’s a place that can be a refuge from the cares of the world and a place where memories are created.

Please share a special Habitat memory.

We gathered a group of our employees as a team-building activity to finish the interior paint in several homes and this turned into a great memory for everyone fortunate enough to participate. It was a wonderful feeling to see our contributions become a meaningful reality for several families in need.

What 3 emojis best describe you and why?

🏙️ Skyline – This represents the skylines we help to build across the world.

✈️ Airplane – This represents the travel I do for work and pleasure.

🚢 Ship – This represents my happy place of deep-sea fishing.

More about Dieter Klohn

Dieter Klohn, President of SME Industries, Inc., brings an impressive 50+ years of experience in the steel industry. Dieter has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise being incredibly proficient in streamlining operations and creating highly competitive companies. He has managed a wide range of projects all over the globe from buildings and bridges to stadiums and refineries. Having received his education from Kiel Technical School in West Germany and a vast array of international work, Dieter is considered an expert on many levels. He has been a member of the American Welding Society and the American Institute of Steel Construction for over 30 years. Dieter is also a longtime member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a voting member of the American Society for Testing and Materials National Committee.

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