Beach Cities Friends

About Beach Cities Friends

Beach Cities Friends was founded in 2002, we are a group of individuals in the South Bay area that gives back to their community by volunteering, raising funds and advocating for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA). We work to raise awareness for Habitat LA with events and fundraisers.  Over the last twelve years, we have raised well over $900,000 to help build or renovate eight homes in partnership with Habitat LA.

We are overjoyed that together we can continue to support families in our communities, especially during these tough economic times. Each and every donation to Habitat for Humanity not only changes the lives of families, but also enriches the community which receives greater benefit from our revitalization efforts.

Annual Fundraisers

Trivia Night!
Save the date: Saturday, September 12, 2015

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Past Projects

Since 2002, Beach Cities Friends has had the privilege to partner with NINE homeowner families in Los Angeles and the South Bay!

Jimmy Carter Work Project

The 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project brought hope, hammers and thousands of volunteers to Los Angeles to build 30 homes and repair nearly 70 more. The construction project featured the building of homes ranging in size from two-story duplexes to a three-story eight-plex.  Beach Cities Friends was proud to partner with two families in the JCWP.

A Brush with Kindness

This program was launched alongside the Jimmy Carter Work Project, with the goal of assisting homeowners that cannot physically or financially afford to maintain their homes. This renovation project includes 70 homes that Habitat for Humanity will be helping to preserve and improve neighborhoods.

Lawndale Build Site

Our ninth home is located in the city of Lawndale and was completed in December of 2011.

Contact Us

We’d love to reduce the amount of mail we send!  To help us with our database (so that we may inform you of the dates of our events) please email us at  We will NOT share your email with ANYONE!  Saving $500 on postage is a big deal to us.  100% of your donations go directly to Habitat LA, and we cover all costs.

We raise our funds from neighbors, friends, corporations and public and private foundations.  Please contact us if you have a contact or a lead who would be excited to hear about our efforts.

We are also looking for new and better events to raise funds and awareness.  Please contact us with your ideas.

BCF Committee Members include: Candy Currie,  Eve Currin, Cindy Hoag – Chair, Mary Hocking, Amy Howorth, Laura Lang and Leslie Whinfrey