Manufactured Home Program

Habitat LA’s Manufactured Home Program is available to assist low-income manufactured homeowners in addressing health, safety and code issues in their home by providing interior and exterior repairs or with a full manufactured home replacement. The funding for our program has been provided by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and is available until Summer 2017.  Qualified homeowners receive a 0% interest, silent, forgivable 20 year loan of up to $56,975 – No down payment or monthly payments are required.

How to Apply:

Homeowners must submit a completed program application along with copies of documentation to establish their eligibility.  Participant selection is based on funding, the need of the homeowner and the condition of the home.  Funding is available for  households in our greater LA service area. Applications are now being accepted! Contact Jorge Leiva at (310) 323-4663 ext. 314 for information on how to begin your application today!


Eligibility Criteria

Homeowners must meet the following basic program criteria to be eligible for the Habitat LA Manufactured Home Program:

  • Applicant(s) must own a manufactured home within the Habitat LA service area.
  • The property must be owner-occupied and the primary residence of all owners on title.
  • Homeowner(s) must either be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Legal Resident.
  • The property must be inhabitable and without any unpermitted or illegal additions.
  • Homeowner(s) must be current with the following:
    • Home loan payment (if still making payments)
    • Homeowner’s insurance policy (policy value must be in amount equal to at least replacement value of improvements or the value of all loans on the property; if approved, Habitat LA will also be required as a loss payee)
    • Property taxes
    • Manufactured home park space rent
    • Manufactured home registration
  • Homeowner must not have outstanding collections, judgments or liens or unsettled bankruptcies.
  • Applicants who own multiple real estate properties are not eligible.
  • Household income must be below current maximum income limits (See table below).
  • Homeowner(s) must agree to a 0% interest, silent, forgivable 20 year loan (see details in Affordable Repayment section below).
2017 Income Eligibility Limits
Number of Household Members 1 2 3 4 5 6
Maximum Income Limit $50,500 $57,700 $64,900 $72,100  $77,900 $83,650

Affordable Repayment

Through Habitat LA’s Manufactured Home Program, qualified homeowners receive a 0% interest, silent, forgivable 20 year loan. The loan terms are as follows:

  • Loan value may be up to $56,975
  • No down payment is required
  • No monthly payments are required
  • Total debt on the home, including the Habitat loan, cannot be greater than 105% of the after-rehab value of the home
  • The loan is secured to the home and re-paid if one of the following occurs:
    • Homeowner sells, transfers or refinances the home;
    • Homeowner no longer resides in the home;
    • Homeowner does not renew their homeowner’s insurance policy;
    • Homeowner does not pay space rent, utilities or charges due to a landlord or mobile home park where the home is located
  • Starting at the 11th year, the loan decreases by 10% each year and is completely forgiven after 20 years
  • The Habitat loan is not assumable

All repayment funds are recycled and used to assist future low-income homeowners in need of repairs.

For more information about our Manufactured Home Program, please contact Jorge Leiva at (310) 323-4663 ext. 314.
Manufactured Home Program selection and services provided are subject to the availability of funding. Not all eligible applicants will be selected. Program policies are subject to change.