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Homeownership gave me a place to raise my family


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By Martha Barnum
New Horizons Habitat for Humanity homeowner, Americus, Ga.

Really and truly, Habitat saved me. I needed the kind of financial stability that Habitat was going to offer to someone like me, someone who had nothing and had to strive to work themselves up to something.

God actually put people in place to help me along the way. I always think that Habitat is one of those people that God put in place. It was like a weight had been lifted, like I had something to work toward. Suddenly, I had something I could build on. It was a foundation for me and my family.

I have a neighbor who just helped build her Habitat house, and we’ve talked about how Habitat has given us a chance to have somewhere for our children. We know that the two of us are getting older and soon will leave, but we are showing our children how the house can be something for them to have and grow on, even when their children are born and their children have children.

I’m very grateful that people in the community pulled for me, and I’m very grateful that Habitat gave me a chance to prove that I could be an independent person in this community, in this society. It’s such a relief for a person to know that they have a key to a house that is going to be theirs. Ours was just a basic house. Just a basic house, but I tell you what, love and the addition that you can do it yourself make it look like a mansion.