Habitat for Humanity of California is now listed as a Voluntary Contribution Fund for donations on the 2014 State of California Tax Return

Assembly Bill 1765 passed

Santa Ana, CA, January 9, 2015 – The State of California Legislature has passed Assembly Bill 1765,

listing Habitat for Humanity of California as a Voluntary Contribution Fund on the 2014 State of

California Tax Return. Supporters of Habitat for Humanity in California can now easily donate on their

tax return by designating a contribution in the box number 428 next to “Habitat for Humanity Fund”.

Existing law allows taxpayers to contribute to one or more 20 voluntary contribution funds, known as

VCF’s or check-offs, by checking a box on their CA State Income Tax Return. California law requires

check-off contributions to be made from taxpayers’ own resources and not from their tax liability, as is

possible on federal tax returns. The bill was authorized by Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer a

Democrat representing South Los Angeles and advocate for low-income homeownership.

Habitat for Humanity California and affiliates strongly urges supporters to donate on their tax return by

checking the box number 428 “Habitat for Humanity Fund” in the Voluntary Contribution section on their

2014 State of California Tax Returns. All proceeds go directly to Habitat for Humanity of California’s

sole purpose of building affordable housing for limited-income families throughout California.

About Habitat for Humanity California

A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat for Humanity California is a statewide coalition of 48 independent Habitat affiliates that serve

communities across California. The coalition works in unison to advocate for affordable homeownership

opportunities for families with limited-incomes and in almost all cases helping families make the

transition from multi-generational renting to ownership. Habitat for Humanity California accomplishes its

goals by providing tools and resources to Habitat affiliates that serve specific geographical areas to

educate and advocate to their local legislators and communities. Habitat for Humanity California also

works with housing advocates throughout the state to advocate for the increased the supply of housing at

every level of the housing continuum – emergency shelter, supportive housing, rental, and

homeownership. To learn more, donate or volunteer, visit our website at: www.habitatca.org.



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