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Guest Blog from Lynsey Dyer, Professional Skier, Artist and Power Woman
Lynsey Dyer with Erin Rank
Participating in the Power Women Power Tools event was huge on every level. I was empowered as an individual learning to use power tools and watching as our efforts came together in a tangible way, in a wall that would directly support a stranger’s wellbeing. That was a good feeling.
It was also empowering in a broader sense to watch this event run so smoothly and efficiently and see the power of focused women coming together with not only their hearts but their hands to make the world better in ACTION.  This day was a representation of what the future could look like, individuals bringing their combined talents and efforts together for greater good…that’s the dream…if I didn’t have to make a living, this is the kind of thing I’d do every day.
Thanks for the opportunity ladies, you are incredible role models!

Tom Shadyac and Lynsey Dyer

Learn more about Lynsey Dyer at her website, and be sure to check out her new film Unicorn Picnic. 
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