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On Saturday, June 14, KFRN reporter Suong Tran talked with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles President and CEO Erin Rank. The interview, aired on the station’s “Focus on the Issues” program, covered everything from current building projects, Habitat’s extensive network of volunteers, and the ReStores, to home remodel projects, sustainable L.A. housing and how to become a Habitat Partner Homeowner. Click below to listen to the full interview on the KFRN family radio network in Long Beach CA and learn more about everything HFH GLA: Listen to the KFRN interview


Rolling Hills Living feature on PWPV Event


ReStores Featured in L.A. Times Article

The L.A. Times recently published an article about how Hollywood studios are donating film set materials to be sold in our Gardena and Norwalk ReStores. Click HERE to read the complete article. For more information about our ReStores, please click here.    


‘Families like me’ — Habitat for Humanity Int’l

‘Families like me’ By Devon Smith, whose Habitat for Humanity home includes part of a Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree   RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries     Devon Smith marvels at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree each December when he and his mom visit historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a Christmas service. “We do it every year,” 9-year-old Devon says. “The tree is so big, and the church is really big. We go inside to pray for the next year that’s coming.” Devon has a strong connection with the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree at the heart of the new children’s book, The Carpenter’s Gift. Two years ago, he and his mom moved into their new home inside a Habitat-built condominium complex in Brooklyn. Lumber from the 2008 Rockefeller Center Christmas ...


My volunteer vacation — Habitat for Humanity Int’l

My volunteer vacation By Joanne Shuttleworth, Guelph Mercury reporter and Habitat for Humanity volunteer         Joanne Shuttleworth cuts insulation on the worksite.       RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries This summer, I took off eight consecutive Wednesdays and spent those days at 439 York Road here in Guelph, Ontario, building a home through Habitat Wellington County’s Women Build. While I can’t say building a house is as relaxing as floating on a lake, it’s been rejuvenating nonetheless. A project like this has a lot of appeal for me. As a homeowner, it helps to know how to do minor repairs, and through building this home, I’ve had plenty of practice with hammers and nails and … nail removers. I ...


Bound south — Habitat for Humanity Int’l

Bound south By David, Isaiah and Nathan Berg, supporters of Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity         Follow the Berg brothers to Argentina through their online Bound South travelogue.       RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries Most people tell us we’re crazy. It has been that way for a long time. Our specific crazy starts about three years ago, in the summer of 2008. That’s when Isaiah led a coast-to-coast bicycle tour with a nonprofit called Bike & Build, which organizes cross-country bicycle trips to raise money for affordable housing groups. Ever since then, we’ve been dreaming of a Pan-American bike expedition from Alaska to Argentina. The three of us are brothers and best friends from our time spent working and ...


Seeing beyond the present situation By Kip Scheidler, Habitat for Humanity International’s senior director of global disaster response         Download this year’s Shelter Report, “Housing Cities after a Disaster.”       RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries I remember as if it were yesterday what it felt like as I walked through a totally devastated small town in El Salvador just days after the January 2001 earthquake. A few masonry storefronts stood while the side walls of those same stores, made of adobe, lay on the ground. The rest of the structures in town, also made of adobe, were history. The only thing remaining from the 100-plus-year-old Catholic church was the bell, which was suspended from a tree ...


‘Poverty housing affects everyone’ By Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International         RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries Recently, I was given the honor of delivering the 12th annual John T. Dunlop Lecture at Harvard University. The lecture is sponsored by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. My purpose was to either persuade or remind the business leaders, students, academics, policy makers and others who were gathered that access to affordable housing is a vitally important issue that requires action from all sectors of society. I wanted them to join me in the belief that people of widely varying incomes can be successful homeowners, and I hoped we might leave as better advocates with a renewed sense of urgency for tackling difficult challenges. My ...


With powers combined — Habitat for Humanity Int’l

With powers combined By Grettell Salazar Chacon, social development director of “Un Techo para mi Pais,” a Habitat for Humanity partner         Grettell Salazar Chacon spends time with a child after a financial-education workshop in Costa Rica. Learn more about Habitat Costa Rica’s commitment to financial education for its partner families.   RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries Un Techo para mi Pais (“A Roof for My Country”) mobilizes youth volunteers in Latin America to help some of our region’s most marginalized people improve their quality of life at home. We share many dreams of justice and opportunity with those who work with Habitat for Humanity. By working in partnership with Habitat Costa Rica, we are able to jointly offer financial-education workshops. The workshops ...


‘Participating in a common work’ — Habitat for Humanity Int’l

‘Participating in a common work’             RSS Feed Subscribe to the Habitat World Blog RSS Feed More blog entries By Emil Constantinescu, former president of Romania and Habitat for Humanity volunteer Editor’s note: The former president of Romania, Dr. Emil Constantinescu has been involved with Habitat for Humanity in Romania since the Euro2007 Habitat Build. He traveled with Romanian volunteers to Pascagoula, Miss., in 2008 for the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project and has been a strong supporter of Habitat’s work in the years since. Dr. Constantinescu shares his thoughts on the nature of creating lasting change. Following the traditions of secularized thinking, most international associations and foundations that dedicate their activities to promoting sustainable peace and understanding in the world seek to identify the lowest common ...