A Word From Our Homeowners

Thank you in making us part of you. May God bless you for all you do and for the dignified home that you have provided my family. I never thought it possible but God put you in my path where I was able to find you. My children now enjoy their privacy and have a warm place to sleep. Many thanks Habitat!  – Leticia Gonzales

Thank you Habitat for Humanity!  You made my dreams come true, each and everyday I would pray to God that we had a beautiful house, with rooms for each one of us! (Girls need to have their own rooms.)  My parents always worked so hard for us to have a great education and a better place but obstacles always had to come.  Luck came to us one day  through “Habitat”  and now we own a house.  Thank you!!  – Katy Arevalo

I thank God every chance I get for such a wonderful blessing and for meeting such wonderful people.  – Amanda Jordan

Where do I start?  How about…Thank you all so much for giving me an opportunity to provide a stable future for my two boys.  Thanks to everyone from those who sit behind the desk to all of the crew leaders, to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers.  It has been amazing to watch my house go from a wood frame to a complete home.  There is so much to look forward to now that we received our wonderful blessing.  And that’s what we all consider it.  Truly a blessing.  A million thank you’s. – Janet Heads

Thank you for giving me and my family a home.  After all of the struggles my mom has been through, this is truly a blessing. – Alexander Gabriel (16 years old)

This opportunity provides a small legacy for our children to build on.  – Silverio Miramontes

Owning my own home provides my family with the stability and security we have always dreamed of.  – Martha Peralta

My parents have searched for a home to call their own all my life. It was impossible until we found Habitat for Humanity.  It was a great blessing for me and my family and my 5 ½ month daughter, I know she will grow up in a great and loving home.  – Laria Arevalo

I love the idea of working for a greater cause. It makes it all worthwhile. Not just for my family and I but for so many more! – Tara Young

Being a homeowner means everything to me and this journey has allowed me to teach my children that with integrity and hard work anything is possible. – Claudia Otis