Veterans Advisory Council

The Veterans Advisory Council (VAC) helps guide the outreach efforts of HFH GLA within the veteran’s community. The VAC assists in the implementation of existing veteran focused programs and helps shape the direction of HFH GLA’s veterans outreach initiative. The VAC is comprised of veterans and veteran support organizations that can help steer HFH GLA towards having the greatest possible impact in the Los Angeles veteran’s community.  To see a list of our current members, click HERE.

Council members have the opportunity to assist HFH GLA’s Veterans Outreach Initiative as we:

- Help engage military and veteran groups in volunteerism with HFH GLA.

- Identify veteran candidates for Homeownership and Critical Home Repair programs.

- Formulate future HFH GLA outreach projects in the veteran community.

- Connect HFH GLA with additional veteran support agencies in Greater Los Angeles.

- Support HFH GLA’s goal to end poverty housing in the veteran community.