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Last week, Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles had the pleasure of spending A Brush With Kindness Day with Gayle Anderson. Many Angelinos know Gayle for her quirky and fun segments that air every morning on KTLA. Our day was just as much fun as a viewer would imagine! Gayle helped paint a fence, spoke with Partner families and really urged viewers to sign up to volunteer! She spoke with CEO Erin Rank and mentioned how therapeutic volunteering can be for your soul! If you would like to read about the segment go here, at the bottom of the article you can even view the segments that were on air! Thanks to the Lair family (the homeowners) for hosting us all before the sun even came up!

To learn more about A Brush with Kindness check out these blog posts:

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About Erin Rank
Erin Rank is the CEO of Habitat for Humanity L.A. Please see more of her posts on this blog as well as google+.

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April 23rd, 2008 on 11:53 am

wow volenteering is fun and do you always help biuld betterhom? wells jus blogging around wells laters