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Claudia Otis is a Habitat forHumanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) partner homeowner who continues to volunteer with us. She and her daughter, Jessica, joined us for the 5th Anniversary of the General Hospital Fan Build Day, where she not only built homes alongside members of the General Hospital cast, but also shared her story with the volunteers. Claudia was kind enough to share this experience with us:
My daughter, Jessica, and I attended the 5th Anniversary of the General Hospital Fan Build Day in Lynwood on Saturday, March 8thand we had a great time. It was a very memorable experience that greatly influenced both my daughter and I.  The actors were very nice and down to earth.  Jessica has been battling a rare connective tissue disorder and isn’t able to get out of the house much.  She was very excited about participating in this event and was able to help paint one of the houses.  One of the actors came over to her while she was painting and told her she is an amazing young lady and an inspiration.  Thank you to the General Hospital (GH) cast and fans that came out to give back.  We will definitely be attending the 6th Annual GH Fan Build Day!
 -Claudia Otis
Claudia Otis is now the proud owner of a HFH GLA home in Long Beach. Claudia and her three children have come a long way since 2002 when they were living in a homeless shelter. Claudia is currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology. The family also volunteers together helping the homeless, as this is a cause very close to their hearts.
Thank you, Claudia and Jessica, for building and for sharing your story with the volunteers.  We are so happy for all the wonderful blessings being bestowed upon your family and we look forward to seeing you at our next build day.

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