ASBW 2014 Advocacy Activities

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Postcard Campaign– Support the California Homes and Jobs Act (SB391).  Through such advocacy activity, awareness will be raised about important state legislation that will create 29,000 jobs annually through public-private partnerships and generate millions in additional state and local revenue; Help California leverage an additional $2.78 billion in federal, local, and private funding; Get California building again to stabilize the housing market. Please contact us at to obtain a postcard. Additional information about SB391 can be obtained at

Shanty Town/Sleep Out – The purpose of a Shanty Town or a Sleep Out is to raise awareness about poverty housing and homelessness in the minds of both the participants and observers.  During a shantytown event, students spend at least one night “sleeping” outside in cardboard boxes or constructed shacks in order to draw attention to housing issues.

Meet with an Elected Official – Meet with an elected official at the city, county, state or federal level!  An excellent way for youth to engage in the political process and advocate for affordable housing related legislation.  You can advocate for the passage of The California Homes and Jobs Act (SB391). Information to SB391 is available at

Make Public Comment – What better way to raise your voice!  Speak at a public meeting that’s taking place in your community.  This may be a County Board of Supervisors, City Council, School Board or even a Planning Commission meeting.  Educate your local elected officials and advocate for affordable housing and SB391.

Build Awareness Through Creativity – The arts have been used throughout history to express opinion and raise awareness about issues.  Submit an essay, poem, song or picture of how you are contributing to the need for affordable housing in Greater Los Angeles.  This is a perfect project for those aged 5 – 13.

Build! – Organize a build day with Habitat LA (you must be 16 years of age or older). Put your muscle where your mouth is and not only build awareness, but help build a house.  Participant groups will be asked to fundraise at least $250 for a week day build. All funds will go toward the sponsorship of the “Youth House.”

Nickels for Nails – Make a difference by raising money through Habitat LA’s Nickels for Nails program and see first-hand how donating extra change can make a life-altering difference for a deserving family.  The money collected will go towards the House that Youth Built. Teachers and youth groups who sign up will receive materials to help with having a successful fund drive.

For additional questions about Act! Speak! Build! Week or any of our youth programs contact our Youth Programs Coordinator at