World Habitat Day. When Maslow created his Hierarchy of Needs, the foundation for a human to achieve self-actualization is rooted in basic needs: food, air, shelter. That was in 1943. Fast forward to 2014, we are still struggling for those basic needs. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity and the UN for taking this day to recognize the need for basic & sustainable housing for all people around the world. I have been working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles for the past five years. I’ve been blessed to see the sheer joy and triumph in a new homeowner’s face while they are working on what will become “Their Home”. As I built alongside a homeowner during this year’s annual Power Women ...


Nicaragua Build

Habitat for Humanity is helping to transform lives and communities in one of the world’s poorest countries,  Nicaragua. According to Habitat for Humanity International, 80 percent of the Nicaraguan population subsists on less than $2 per day, and 43 percent on less than $1 a day. In a country of more than five million people, there are many situations that affect the housing situation. Inadequate housing, insufficient public investment in the housing sector, natural disasters, social and economic instability, migration from rural to urban areas and the formation of new nuclear families are all factors that take a toll on the availability of adequate housing in Nicaragua. It is estimated that each year the housing deficit in the country ...


ReStore Shopper Serenades Customers on a Saturday

Thank you to Stephanie Ham, AmeriCorps Member in our Volunteers department for sharing this with us:This past Saturday, a customer named Marcy sat down at one of the pianos for sale in our Gardena ReStore and started playing for everyone. She was amazing! It felt like you were shopping in a high-end department store. The piano she was playing is only $50 too! Marcy is a frequent ReStore customer and fabulous piano player.  Here's a picture of our Saturday Serenader.Save 10% at the ReStores with code: RESTORE10August is the 8th Anniversary for our Gardena ReStore and 2nd Anniversary for our Norwalk ReStore, so to celebrate we are offering a 10% discount all month.  Simply mention RESTORE10 ...


A Kindergarten Class Gets a Lesson on Affordable Housing

At the beginning of April we celebrated Act! Speak! Build! Week (ASBW). During this student-initiated week of advocacy, local youth participated in activities to educate themselves and their communities on affordable housing.Every year Pat Genovese, a kindergarten teacher at Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, uses ASBW as an opportunity to teach her class that they can make a difference! Related Posts:World Habitat Day from a Kindergarten PerspectiveKindergarteners Act, Speak and Build for Affordable HousingGuest Blogger: Pat Genovese


World Habitat Day from a Kindergarten Perspective

The first Monday of each October is World Habitat Day. On this day people from all over the world come together to make affordable housing a matter of conscience and action. To celebrate this year's World Habitat Day, a kindergarten class at Notre Dame Academy made a beautiful digital storybook demonstrating that even young children understand the importance of having a home and making a difference. Thank you to their amazing teacher and Habitat for Humanity of Greater L.A. supporter, Pat Genovese, for sending it to us.  Now, we can all enjoy and learn from it!Related Posts:Kindergarteners Act! Speak! Build! for Affordable HousingA Kindergarten Class Learns About Affordable HousingGuest Blogger: Pat Genovese


Volunteer Spotlight: Summer Interns!

This summer Habitat for Humanity GLA was fortunate enough to have several interns in our midst, and as they return to school we hope they will take the knowledge they gained from working with us on to the next step in their futures. They have all left their mark on us here at HFHGLA and vise versa!Meet the interns Justin Murry  Bank of America Student Leadership Intern  Although Justin was originally assigned to the Advocacy and Community Partnerships department, Bank of America asked that we give him a glimpse into how non-profits run and how to lead within ...


Justin MurryThanks to the Bank of America Student Leader Program, I had the amazing opportunity to be teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles for an eight week summer internship, highlighted by a week in Washington D.C. with 230 high school seniors and college freshmen from across the United States and London each representing a non-profit organization.When I first got the news that I was going to be teamed up with HFHGLA, I was hesitant. I didn’t know exactly what the organization did. However, my entire viewpoint of the organization was changed ...


We value our volunteers for so many reasons, without you, we could not complete our mission.  The highest compliment for us is when volunteers share their stories with others.  Advocacy is just as important as hands on support. I would like to share this letter from a volunteer named Karen.  Karen very kindly submitted our affiliate for consideration for a grant through her employer and I am sure you'll be just as moved by her heart felt words.Habitat for Humanity is a charity like none other I've supported.  In addition to providing me ...


Day 5 of Everest Build in Pokhara, Nepal

Posted by Veronica Garcia, VP of Advocacy and Community Partnerships: Today it's all about "slurry." Slurry is a thin mixture of cement that is painted over the bamboo strands so the cement mortar will stick. Our goal today is to mortar the entire outside of the house and inside if we work fast. We got word from the Habitat officials that the President of Nepal was visiting tomorrow and will attend our closing ceremonies. The President has never been in this part of Nepal, so it is a very big deal for the entire community. We were also informed that the President would be visiting three Habitat homes and ours were one of them! Back to slurry...Today we were not in need of benches and ladders, but there were not enough brushes and trowels, so we did the best we could working in teams of two ...


Thanks to Cambio Cares for their generous support and enthusiasm...great job on the door casings!